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P.C.PALM (2007) CO., LTD
91/1 Moo1,Kanchanavithi Rd, Bangkung, Muang, Suratthani Tel:077224202 Fax: 077 225304
Core business in P.C. group of companies
·        P.C. Palm (2007) Co., Ltd was established with registered capital of 200,000,000 bath on August 16, 2007
·        P.C. Palm started the business with palm oil plantation and palm tree nursery that had imported seeds from Costa Rica. The oil palm business is situated in several districts in Suratthani province with total plantation area of 2,847 rai. More than 70% of the plantation area is ready for harvest. Company has  upcoming plan to construct palm oil extraction mill located in Donsak district, Suratthani in area of about 726 rai
·        There are 2 species of palm tree nursery that company imported from Costa  Rica: 1.Compact X Ghana &      2.Deli x Compact


·        In addition, company grow palm oil species that was developed by Suratthani oil palm research center: 
P.C.Palm (2007) Co.,Ltd has our own plantation nursery that has certified registration with Suratthani Palm Oil Research Center and the palm oil seed control certification for trading in 2 nurseries :
1. Thathong nursery plantation: located in 121 Moo 3, Kanchanavithi Rd, Bangkung, Muang,Suratthani   
           Origin of palm oil seed: Costa Rica, Plantation area: 10 rai 90 sqm
         2. Gas station plantation: located in Bangkung, Muang, Suratthani
            Origin of palm oil seed: Costa Rica. Plantation area: 4 rai 43 sqm

       Certificate of guarantee and certificate of non-GMO from overseas palm oil supplier 1 ,2
·         Currently P.C.Palm (2007) Co.,Ltd has 3 palm oil plantation and harvesting quantity yield at average of 3-4 tons/rai/year.
The 3 Palm oil plantations are located as follows:
1.Baanhuay plantation : 32/2 Moo 2, Donsak, Donsak, Suratthani with the total palm trees grown approximately at 48,490 in the area of 1,818 rai
2. Khaokaew plantation: Moo 1, Takeanthong, Kanchanadit, Suratthani. Besides, this plantations divided into 3 zones and total palm oil trees grown is 25,552 in area of 912 rai
3. Leelak plantation: 20/9 Moo 2, Leelak, Phunpin, Suratthani.
The plantation started in year 2000 in the area of 117 rai with 7,700 palm oil trees
 The color condition of the palm oil has 2 types:
1. First type
·        Unripe Palm fruit (Fruit green color)
·        Ripe Palm fruit ripe (Fruit orange color)
2. Second type
·        Unripe Palm fruit (Fruit black color)
·        Ripe Palm fruit (Fruit red color)
 The palm oil harvesting methods and selling distribution:
1.       Selecting plantation zone that has ripe palm fruit.
2.       Ripe palm oil fruit is ready for harvesting
3.       Harvesting palm oil fruit and gathering.
4.       Recheck  whether there are any palm branches left behind
5.       Gather the fallen off palm fruits.
6.       Gather all fallen palm and fresh fruit bunch for the transportation
7.       Load the harvested oil palm to be transported to the buyer.
8.       Transport to buyer.
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